About Us

🌿Ipahad - Your Source for Natural Goodness! 🌿

At Ipahad, we're passionate about bringing you the finest handpicked products straight from the heart of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand! 🏔️ Our commitment to quality means you get products that are naturally grown, free of chemicals and pesticides.

Ipahad  sells natural grown products from high altitude areas of Uttarakhand. We strive to bring the purest and highest quality products to our customers. Our products are grown and processed using traditional farming methods, free from any harmful chemicals or pesticides. We work closely with local farmers to ensure fair trade and sustainable practices. Our product range includes Himalayan herbs, grains, spices, and superfoods that offer unique health benefits. Our commitment to quality and authenticity is reflected in every product we sell.

📦 Convenience at Your Doorstep:

Place your order with ease and let us bring the essence of the Himalayas straight to your doorstep. Experience the convenience of online shopping without compromising on quality.

Why Choose Ipahad? 🍃

We procure from “high altitude” area of “Uttarakhand” better known as “Himalayan Range”.  Due to grown in high altitude and Himalayan range, our products are rich in nutrition and taste. Also we ensure that No Chemical used in Farming.

🍃 Naturally Grown: Handpicked from high-altitude regions, our products are nurtured by pure mountain air and pristine waters.

🚫 Chemical-Free: We guarantee that no harmful chemicals are used in farming, ensuring you get the purest, most natural products.

🌟 Rich in Nutrition: Grown in the Himalayan range, our products are packed with essential nutrients and unbeatable flavor.

 Our Product Range

At Ipahad, we take pride in offering a unique range of products sourced directly from the high altitude regions of Uttarakhand, in partnership with local farmers, NGOs, self-help groups, and producer cooperatives. Our commitment to social and environmental sustainability drives us to bring you the finest natural and ethically sourced goods. Explore our diverse product categories below:

Himalayan Rajma

Indulge in the rich flavor and nutritional benefits of Himalayan Rajma, carefully cultivated in the pristine environment of Uttarakhand's high altitude regions. Our Rajma is packed with protein, fiber, and essential minerals, making it a wholesome addition to your meals.

Dals and Pulses

Discover a variety of dals and pulses straight from the heart of the Himalayas. From hearty lentils to nutritious beans, our collection offers a range of options to elevate your culinary experience while supporting local farmers and sustainable agriculture practices.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and exquisite craftsmanship of Uttarakhand with our handcrafted products. Each piece tells a story of tradition, skill, and heritage, preserving the rich artistic legacy of the region.


Experience the healing power of Himalayan herbs, handpicked and carefully curated for their medicinal properties and aromatic flavors. From soothing teas to potent remedies, our herbal collection brings nature's goodness to your doorstep.

Nuts & Seeds

Nourish your body and mind with our selection of premium nuts and seeds, sourced from the fertile valleys of Uttarakhand. Packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants, these wholesome snacks are perfect for guilt-free indulgence. 

Seasonings & Spices

Elevate your culinary creations with our aromatic seasonings and spices, sourced directly from the spice-rich landscapes of Uttarakhand. Add depth and flavor to your dishes while supporting sustainable farming practices and community empowerment.


Experience the purity and freshness of Himalayan flour, milled from locally grown grains with utmost care and precision. Whether you're baking bread or making rotis, our flour ensures superior quality and taste in every bite.


Embrace the nutritional powerhouse of millets with our diverse range of millet products. From gluten-free flour to wholesome grains, millets offer a sustainable and nutrient-rich alternative for a healthier lifestyle.

Our Suppliers and Trade Partners

Ipahad is a social venture which partnership with Farmers, NGOs, self-help and producer groups of uttarakhand and trade with natural grown products in high altitude area of uttarakhand region.