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Kala Jeera (Bunium Persicum) 100 GMS

Kala Jeera (Bunium Persicum) 100 GMS

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Kala Jeera, also known as Bunium Persicum, is a spice commonly used in Indian cuisine. It has a rich, earthy flavor that is slightly bitter and sweet. Kala Jeera is often used in spice blends and marinades to add depth and complexity to dishes.

Source/Origin- Natural Kala Jeera (Bunium Persicum) harvested from high altitude area of Uttarakhand.

Health Benefits

There are a number of health benefits associated with Kala Jeera. It has been shown to aid in digestion and reduce bloating and gas. It is also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may help to relieve joint pain and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and arthritis.

Nutritional info

In terms of nutritional information, Kala Jeera is a low-calorie spice, with only 1 tablespoon containing approximately 20 calories. It is also low in fat and contains no cholesterol. Kala Jeera is rich in essential minerals such as iron, manganese, and copper, which are important for overall health and wellbeing.


In terms of usage, Kala Jeera is a versatile spice that can be added to a variety of dishes. It can be roasted and ground to a fine powder, which can then be used in spice blends, rubs, and marinades. It can also be added to soups, stews, and curries for an extra depth of flavor. When using Kala Jeera, it is important to use it in moderation, as its slightly bitter flavor can be overpowering in large quantities.

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